Getting Clicks But No Conversion? Use These 3 Steps To Fix Your Facebook Ads

  • "I'm getting clicks but no conversion!"
  • "Why are my facebook ads not converting?"
  • "My facebook ads not performing at all!"

I believe everyone asks these questions from time to time.

It simply popped out of your brain whenever looking at the Facebook Ad Manager, realizing how much you spent to get all those visitors to your website, but just none of them considered exchanging email for a freebie. You have a pretty amazing offer, you even gave discounts that you'd feel like a super amazing deal for yourself, but people just bounced off after spending less than 10 seconds scrolling your page.

But before we dive deeper into the topic, here's a checklist to make sure you're not falling into common pitfalls:

  1. You are directing traffic to the right landing page / category page / product page.
  2. All the buttons on your landing page link to the correct page down the funnel.

One day, I met a Florist friend, Helen who runs a floristry workshop. She is a meticulous person and wishes to use Facebook Ads to generate leads for her workshops. She was complaining to me about how she "wasted" $100 on Facebook Ads but not getting any results at all. She also told me how much time she spent designing her website, making sure all creatives looked minimal and classy, and even wrote content to describe the meaning behind each flower.

As we discussed further, I realized...

  1. She clicked on "Boost Post".
  2. She doesn't have Facebook Pixel installed on her website.
  3. She doesn't have a dedicated landing page for her workshop.

If you're new to Facebook Ads, you'll come across this "Boost Post" suggestion every time you post a photo or video on your Facebook page. It does what it claims - reach more people, but that doesn't guarantee you any results. Moreover it is one of the greatest tricks to make you spend your first $30, and maybe get you some likes, comments, and shares.

Facebook Pixel, on the other hand, helps you to track your customer journey on your website and learn their behavior to get you better results over time. Without a Facebook Pixel in place, all your advertising efforts are sort of wasted.

Lastly, a custom landing page for your advertising campaign. Most of the time, we tend to place a lot of information on our website, such as related products, articles, buttons, email forms, etc. If you're trying to promote one particular item, all these confuse your visitors which leads to inaction, and finally bounce off without doing anything.

A good landing page allows you to direct visitors to one specific marketing goal, eliminating all distractions that drive their attention away. This helps to increase your conversion rate while lowering your cost per acquisition (CPA).

Take the floristry workshop as an example, it would be good if she had a landing page explaining how mix-and-match blooms create a happy home atmosphere, and how the workshop can help to achieve this. Such messaging allows one to understand the value of the floristry workshop, and sparks their interest to sign up too!

Similar to what I have suggested to Helen, here are the 3 steps you can take to drive Facebook Ad traffic that converts:

1. Setup Facebook Ad Campaign using Facebook Ad Manager
Stop using the "Boost Post" function. Remember, your goal is not to reach more people or get likes, but to get people to sign up. Click HERE to access your Facebook Ad Manager.

2. Install Facebook Pixel On Your Website
Facebook Pixel is a magical tool, and you must have it on every page of your website to get better results over time. Simply create a Facebook Pixel from your Facebook Business Manager, and follow the setup by placing the code into your website, especially your landing page. Facebook has prepared a pretty awesome Step-by-Step Guide to help you with this.

3. Build A Landing Page That Adds Value To Your Customer
A good landing page offers your prospective customer a resource, such as an ebook or signup, in exchange for their basic contact details. The goal of these pages is to generate leads while you pull prospects further into your customer funnel.

Are you constantly feeling that Facebook Ads is not working anymore? Despite all your efforts and strategies, with each algorithm change, it feels like you're back at square one. The ROI isn't what it used to be, and you're left wondering if Facebook Ads has lost its magic.

After diving deep into the intricacies of audience targeting and the ever-evolving Facebook landscape, I've uncovered strategies that remain effective despite the platform's constant changes. Discover these insights in my latest E-Book - The Ultimate Guide In Mastering Audience Targeting.