How To Drive Facebook Ads Traffic That Converts

How To Drive Facebook Ads Traffic That Converts

Website traffic is like petrol - it makes your website run for you.

You need traffic to generate sales, to generate customers. Driving the right traffic helps you fill-up the top of your sales funnel (ToFu).

However, not all traffic is the same, especially when it comes to the "Traffic" campaign objective - it is designed to drive people to your website, landing page or e-commerce store.


If you have been running Traffic ads for some time, you might be wondering:

  • "Traffic campaigns are a waste of time and money"
  • "I first ran some traffic campaigns with a CTR of 7% and no conversions"
  • "S**t traffic, they don't even last 30 seconds on the site on average!"

If you optimize solely for traffic you WILL get traffic, but it is the quality of the traffic that is a waste of time and money. As mentioned by Facebook itself:

"If you choose to optimize for link clicks , we’ll show your ad to the people most likely to click your link."

The Facebook algorithm wants to make you happy, and because of this Facebook will find the cheapest clicks which are most often "clicky users". They are like window shoppers in malls, they go around checking out items in the store but never take any further action.

Would you rather have a bunch of window shoppers that add no value to your business? Or do you prefer a few quality and passionate shoppers who wish to learn more about your products, and eventually buy them?

Remember, what objective you choose is what Facebook will optimize for.

Here's when a "Conversion" campaign comes to the rescue.


When you choose "Traffic", Facebook is focused on getting you more traffic; but when you choose "Conversion", Facebook will focus on getting you more conversion.


If you are looking to get more sales, choose "Purchase" as your conversion event. If you don't have enough pixel events to optimize for Purchase effectively (about 50 purchases a week), use the next step up the funnel that happens more often, e.g. Initiate Checkout, Add To Cart (ATC), or View Content.

In such a way, your ads will be shown to people who are more likely to convert, rather than random 2,000 people who do nothing after clicking. Conversion campaign tends to have a higher CPM, CPC and Cost per Conversion because Facebook knows which end goal is more important to you, and works towards getting you more qualified leads, making the traffic more expensive.

After a few days, if you still end up with zero conversion, you simply need to spend more (not just $5/day). Facebook requires 50 conversions to learn about your audience and creatives. Before you conclude that your audience/creative doesn't work, make sure you put enough budget to achieve 50 conversions within a week.

Let's say your past CPA was $10. Ideally, you should be allocating a minimum budget of $500/week a.k.a. $75/day for your ad set to exit the Learning Phase.

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