How To Get Social Proof on Facebook Ads


When you scroll through your Facebook feed and come across a post with thousands of likes, shares, and comments, you're probably more likely to stop and read it. This is the power of social proof, a psychological and social phenomenon where people mirror the actions of others in an attempt to undertake behavior in a given situation.

What Is Social Proof On Facebook Ads?

In the context of Facebook Ads, social proof refers to the likes, comments, and shares that an ad post accumulates, essentially acting as endorsements from previous viewers.

Is there really a need for an engagement campaign or can you shoot straight for the money, especially for more low funnel goals?

These engagements make the ad more attractive and convincing to potential customers, making them more likely to interact with the ad or even make a purchase decision.

Why Is Social Proof So Important On Facebook Ads?

The answer lies in the psychological factor. Humans are social creatures who often look to others when making decisions. Seeing a high number of likes, shares, or positive comments on a post can influence a viewer's perception of the product or service being advertised.

Let’s say I get more comments and likes on my ads, does that mean more clicks and conversions?

If many people have shown positive interest in the ad, it indicates that the product or service is credible, trustworthy, and valuable. It's like seeing a queue outside a restaurant—it makes you think that the food must be good, and you might decide to try it out yourself.

When applied to Facebook Ads, social proof becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. An ad that has accumulated significant engagement in terms of likes, shares, and positive comments is more likely to attract further engagement and encourage viewers to convert—whether that's clicking through to the advertiser's website, making a purchase, or another desired action.

In essence, social proof can significantly boost conversion rates.

How To Keep Social Proof On Facebook Ads?

Now that we've established why social proof is such a game-changer let's talk about how to maintain and utilize this powerful tool in your Facebook Ads.

1. Identifying the Post ID of Engaging Content

The first step in leveraging social proof is to identify the posts that have garnered the most engagement. These could be organic posts or previous ads. Facebook assigns every post a unique ID, which you can find in the post’s URL.

Identifying and noting down the ID of your top-performing posts will allow you to use these posts in your future ad campaigns, thereby reaping the benefits of their existing social proof.

What if you just pick 5~ cheap countries to pay for social proof then you EXCLUDE every cheap country you used for social proof when you start running conversion campaigns?

Personally, I wouldn't recommend that as your customers tend to question weird comments on your post with Facebook profiles not from your targeted countries. This may ruin your customer experience when they scroll through your post comments.

2. Reusing Existing Posts in Ads

Facebook Ads Manager offers a useful feature: the ability to use existing posts in your new ad campaigns. To use this feature, go to the ad creation section, and instead of creating a new ad from scratch, choose the "Use Existing Post" option. Here, you can input the post ID of your selected high-engagement post.

The resulting ad will include all the likes, comments, and shares that the original post has accumulated, allowing you to showcase this social proof to your new audience.

This post can't be used for an ad because it doesn't exist on the Page you've chosen, or it was originally created on a personal profile. Please choose a different post and try again.

This happens when you have either selected the wrong Facebook page, chosen an Instagram Reels post, or picked a post that is tagged with products from your Facebook / Instagram shop.

*Reels and product-tagged posts cannot be used as ad posts!

3. Leveraging Existing Customers' Testimonials

Yet another way of adding a layer of social proof is by involving your existing customers. After identifying the post ID of your engaging content, you can share the specific URL of this post with your existing customers. Encourage them to leave a comment on the post, detailing their favorable experiences with your product or service.

Not only does this enable you to maintain the post's engagement, but it also serves as a testimonial from real users, giving prospective customers a sense of assurance. Remember, nothing speaks more loudly than the experiences and recommendations of satisfied customers.

If we change the ad copy, we’ll lose all the social proof. How can we keep social proof while changing the ad copy?

No, you can't. Changing or editing any aspect of your ad will instantly create a new post ID with zero engagement. There is a risk of overly relying on Facebook Ads since you have almost no control over your assets, and that leads us to the next point!

4. Enhancing Social Proof on Landing Pages

Beyond Facebook Ads, you can also leverage social proof on your landing pages. After clicking through your ad, prospective customers will land on a page where they decide whether to take the final step in their customer journey, whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or any other action.

By incorporating elements of social proof such as customer testimonials or reviews, you can provide an additional layer of persuasion, further enhancing the likelihood of conversion. Tools like Testimonial App can help streamline this process by providing easy-to-use templates for showcasing customer testimonials or reviews. Reviews: An Embeddable Wall of Love?
Can simplify the process of collecting, managing, and displaying customer testimonials? Find out if works for you.

In conclusion, social proof is a powerful psychological tool that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads. Remember, people trust people, so make your ads resonate with this fundamental truth, and you'll see the magical influence of social proof unfold in your Facebook Ads campaigns.

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