How To Target Real Estate Audiences Using Facebook Ads

How To Target Real Estate Audiences Using Facebook Ads

As a real estate professional, you're always looking for the most effective ways to market your properties and services. Facebook offers multiple targeting options on Facebook Ads platform to reach users who are more likely to be engaged and interested in purchasing a home.

Types of Home Buyers

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of Facebook ad targeting, let's talk about the different types of homebuyers you'll want to reach. By understanding their unique needs, you can craft targeted campaigns that appeal to each group:

  1. First-Time Buyers: People who have never owned a home before. They're usually young and eager to find the perfect place to start their lives. With this group, focus on affordability, convenience, and informative content to guide them through the process.
  2. Move-Up Buyers: People who are looking to upgrade from their current home. This group is typically more financially stable and looking for something larger or in a better location. Showcase the benefits of moving up, emphasizing the improved quality of life and long-term investment potential.
  3. Active Adults: People who are generally aged 30 and above, searching for homes that cater to their lifestyle needs. This group may be downsizing, seeking low-maintenance properties, or looking for amenities such as golf courses and fitness centers. Promote properties that fit these criteria and highlight the benefits of living in a community tailored to their needs.

Next let's explore the ins and outs of targeting home buyers on Facebook, diving into various strategies like location, demographics, and interest targeting:

Location Targeting

One of the most effective ways to target real estate audiences on Facebook is by using location targeting. Start by narrowing down your target audience to specific ZIP codes, ensuring you're reaching people who are genuinely interested in the area. By using the Facebook Ads geofencing approach, you can create a virtual boundary around your target area, sending tailored ads to people within that zone.

*Have a property showroom? Use this technique to retarget users who have visited your showroom!


Age Targeting

Age is another crucial factor when it comes to home buyers. For instance, first-time buyers are typically younger, while active adults are on the older side of the spectrum. Use Facebook's age targeting options to ensure your ads are reaching the right demographic for each type of buyer.

Demographic Targeting

Facebook Ads provide detailed targeting options that can help you zero in on the perfect audience. One of the essential demographics to consider is household income:

  • Household Income: Targeting by income (ZIP Codes) allows you to reach potential buyers who can afford the properties you're advertising. For example, luxury properties would likely appeal to a higher income bracket, while starter homes would be more attractive to those with moderate incomes.

    *Household Income targeting is only limited to the US market.

Interest Targeting

Beyond demographics, you can also use interest targeting to find people who are likely to be in the market for a new home.  Facebook algorithm has segmented a group of users who have expressed interest in specific topics or engaged with related content on the platform.

Here are some interest targeting options that can help you reach homebuyers effectively:

  1. Real Estate: Start by targeting users who have shown an interest in real estate topics, such as "Starter Home", "Apartment", "Residential Area", "Real Property" and etc. This broad category includes people who follow real estate pages, engage with property listings, or consume content related to home buying or selling.
  2. Home and Garden: Users who are interested in "Home Improvement", "Interior Design", or "Gardening" may also be potential homebuyers too. By targeting this interest group, you can reach people who are passionate about creating their dream home environment and may be considering a new property.
  3. DIY and Home Renovation: People who engage with content related to DIY projects and home renovations are often interested in finding new homes that they can customize to their liking. Targeting this interest group can help you connect with potential buyers who are looking for properties with potential for personalization.
  4. Mortgages and Home Financing: Users who express interest in "Mortgage loans", "Mortgage calculator", or other home financing options are likely considering purchasing a property. By targeting this audience, you can ensure your ads reach people who are actively exploring their home-buying options.
  5. Home Buying Programs: Target people interested in "First-time home buyer grant", "Home Ownership Scheme", down payment assistance, or other resources designed to help buyers navigate the home buying process. This audience may be more receptive to your ads, as they're actively seeking support and guidance in their home search.
  6. Neighborhoods and Communities: Target users who have expressed interest in specific neighborhoods or communities where your properties are located. This approach can help you connect with people who are specifically looking for homes in your area, increasing the relevance of your ads and the likelihood of conversion.
  7. Lifestyle Interests: Consider targeting users based on lifestyle interests that align with the types of properties you're marketing. For example, if you're selling luxury homes, target people interested in luxury brands, high-end travel, or gourmet dining. Alternatively, if you're promoting eco-friendly homes, target users interested in sustainable living or green technologies.

*Consider excluding Real Estate agents, brokers and salespersons to avoid wasting budget to show ads among yourselves.


Lookalike Audience

One of the most powerful tools in your real estate Facebook marketing arsenal is the Lookalike Audience feature. By uploading your existing customer data to Facebook, you can create a new audience that shares similar characteristics with your best clients. This strategy helps you reach new prospects who are likely to be interested in your properties and services.

*In fact, Lookalike audience works best in improving conversion rate when used to narrow down your Detailed Targeting options.

By incorporating these targeting options into your real estate Facebook ads, you'll be well on your way to reaching the right audience and achieving your marketing goals. Remember to split test different targeting combinations and continuously refine your approach to improve your ROI.

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