Adtargeting Reviews: The Facebook Hidden Interest Finder?

In the dynamic and competitive world of digital marketing, creating a sustainable campaign that continuously drives positive ROI is becoming increasingly challenging. With the rising CPM driven by intensifying competition, you may find yourself grappling with questions like,

  • "How can I lower CPM on Facebook Ads?"
  • "How can I target specific audience on Facebook?"

Think of it as a virtual marketplace where all advertisers bid against each other for the attention of their desired audience. The more advertisers bidding for the same audience, the higher the CPM goes. Facebook's algorithm ensures the most relevant and high-quality ads get delivered to the audience, but it also means you need to be strategic about your targeting to manage costs effectively while still reaching their ideal customers.

But what if there are hidden interests that are untapped and ignored by most advertisers? Targeting these audiences offers you a strategic advantage over your competitors, and that's where AdTargeting comes into the picture.

What is Adtargeting?

AdTargeting is an innovative tool designed for Facebook advertisers and marketers to dive deep into the sea of Facebook detailed targeting, uncovering hidden interests that your competitors might not be aware of. It provides detailed insights into audience demographics, including age, gender, geographic distribution, and creative insights, giving you a comprehensive view of your target audience.


The Challenges of Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook's vast user base is both a blessing and a curse. While it offers a tremendous audience pool, finding the right segment can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Limited Default Interest Options

The default interest options provided by Facebook are often too broad or generic to be effective for niche targeting. These limited options can be a significant roadblock if you wish to use personalized messaging to connect with a specific audience. Without the ability to drill down into more detailed interests, your campaigns can end up targeting too broad, leading to lower engagement rates and higher CPA. You might also miss out on a segment of a big audience pool that could be highly receptive to your ads.

Popular interests on Facebook are like crowded marketplaces - everyone is bidding for the same space. This high competition drives up your CPM and can reduce your overall effectiveness. When you target the same popular interests as other advertisers, your audience becomes saturated with similar ads which easily leads to ad fatigue. This saturation makes it harder for any single ad to stand out, requiring higher budgets to achieve the same level of visibility and engagement that could be achieved more easily with less competitive interests.

The Discontinued Facebook Audience Insights

Audience Insights used to be an important tool for gaining in-depth knowledge about your audiences, including their interests, behaviors, and demographics. Its removal has left a gap in the ability to research and understand audiences on Facebook. Without these insights, you are now operating with less data, making it more challenging to create well-informed, targeted advertising strategies that resonate with your intended audience.

How Can Adtargeting Help?

While it's not a magic wand that instantly delivers your ideal audience to your doorstep, Adtargeting is designed to significantly enhance your audience targeting strategy so that your ad reaches the right people at the right time, thus maximizing the ROI of your Facebook campaigns. Here's how:

1. Find Hidden Interests On Facebook Ads

One of the primary strengths of AdTargeting lies in its ability to uncover hidden interests that typically don’t appear in the default Facebook Ads targeting options. When you input a generic interest under the "Detailed Targeting" section, many specific and detailed targeting choices remain hidden.


These hidden options are goldmines because of their obscurity - they are not as oversaturated with ads, meaning your campaign could stand out more and face less competition for your target audience's attention.

Now AdTargeting brilliantly taps into these concealed interests. Simply enter a generic keyword into a search box, and you'll see several underutilized interests popping up on the dashboard.


For example, a generic interest "Yoga" might reveal certain variations of yoga practices such as "Hot yoga", "Astanga vinyasa yoga", "Yin yoga", or even relevant products such as "Yoga pants" and "Yoga journal".

Targeting these specific interests helps you target Yoga enthusiasts who are more likely to be interested in your unique line of yoga clothing, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversion and making your ad spend more efficient.


Each of these interests also comes with a detailed demographic analysis, providing you with a deeper understanding of the audience segment you could be targeting.

You can also get country-specific data by using the country filter. At the moment you can breakdown into 6 specific countries: US, UK, India, Philippines, China, and Malaysia.


2. Audience Insight Reports

AdTargeting offers more than just interest targeting. Its Audience Insight Reports offers comprehensive demographic data such as Top City, Gender, and Age based on the specific interest.


For example, you might discover that your audience predominantly consists of Facebook users in Houston and New York, as well as women aged 35-54. This means that the majority of the interest covers women working in Large Metropolitan cities within the US - they could be looking for better mental focus, clarity of thought, and sleep remedies as a result of stressful work.

Now imagine you are marketing a new mindfulness app. With this information, you could create tailored ads that feature mindfulness meditation or even collaborate with certain influencers for content creation to promote the Free or Paid Trial of your app.

3. Competitor Research

You can't isolate yourself from the digital marketplace, hence keeping an eye on your competitors is crucial for you to maintain a competitive edge. AdTargeting helps you with Keyword & Advertiser Research to get insights into your competitor's activities.

Let's say you're running a Sustainable Clothing business that mostly focuses on the higher-end market. Aside from brands within your radar, you may want to dive deeper to find out potential competitors that could be competing in your niche. A search on "Sustainable Clothing" would show you several fashion brands such as Twothirds, Toad and Co, Nudie Jeans, No Nasties, Patagonia and etc.


Now click on the "Advertiser" tab on the top bar, key in the name of your competitor or a relevant keyword to your industry, and the tool will present you with a detailed analysis of their advertising activities on Facebook.


This includes their advertising trend, the type of messaging they use in their ads (Hot words), the geographic areas they are targeting, their ads distribution across platforms, as well as the kind of creative content (images, videos, etc.) that they are employing.


You can also filter all the ads run by the page to get an overview of their creative strategy and use this data to understand the tactics that are working for them, such as the appeal of their ad creatives or the effectiveness of their targeting in specific regions. By benchmarking your strategies against those of your competitors, you'll be able to identify areas where you can differentiate and excel.


4. Facebook Page Audience Analysis

Need more data on your competitor's audience? AdTargeting helps you analyze up to 5 Facebook pages per day and provides you with a detailed breakdown of their page audience and social media activities.

Select "Page Audience" from the top menu, and add their Facebook page URLs to the Pages Analysis Task. It will take a few hours for the platform to fetch the data using Facebook API and present it to your dashboard.


5. Tiktok Interest Research

In addition to its powerful capabilities for Facebook Ads, AdTargeting also offers TikTok Interest research, which is particularly useful for e-commerce store owners who are looking to extend their reach across various platforms, especially if you're targeting younger demographics.

You can conduct in-depth research into specific interests on TikTok, similar to how you would for Facebook. This feature allows you to discover the highest affinity interest which is the most popular among certain audience groups!

For example, the same "Yoga" keyword would show that 78% of users between the age of 18-24 are interested in "Yoga App". This means that by targeting this additional interest on Tiktok, you can effectively reach youngsters who are into Yoga routines, especially female (77.2%).

*You will probably never see this high percentage in most of Facebook interests!


AdTargeting Pricing

AdTargeting offers 3 generous plans to suit different needs and budgets: Basic, Pro, and VIP Enterprise. The Basic plan gives you basic features with limited queries, while the Pro plan offers more advanced features like Interest Suggestions, Advertisers Ranking, and Tiktok Interest Search.

I strongly recommend you take advantage of their 3-day Trial (for just $1) to experience all their Pro features, which are not available under the Basic plan. You can downgrade anytime if it doesn't fit your requirements.


The Verdict can be a powerful ally for you in enhancing your Facebook audience targeting. With its unique features, such as uncovering hidden interests and providing in-depth audience insights, it empowers you to create more effective and lower-competition advertising campaigns. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Adtargeting can resolve all the hassle of Facebook interest research by helping you to identify hidden interests with greater ease and precision.

Never take my word for it, do visit AdTargeting's official website and try out all the features yourself!